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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Three skills to master BEFORE going to university

There are three basic skills, that, in my books, are almost essential to reducing expenses at university, whether you live at home or not.  If you are already in university, it is not too late; if you have finished university and are now working, these three skills are still important and will save you money for the rest of your life.  Here there are:
1. cooking: cooking, even if just basic cooking, will reduce your food bill, while increasing your health (by avoiding to eat fast food and other processed food), and decreasing your dating budget if you can host at home.

2. sewing: I'm not talking about being able to make clothing from scratch, but being able to sew a button, hem pants and skirts, repair a small tear or an undone seam, etc.  If you need to get rid of your clothes every time there is a small defect with it, that means replacing it and that can be costly.

3. cutting hair: obviously, cutting your own hair is difficult, even for a hairdresser.  However, being able to trim your own hair will save you many trips to the salon or barber and if you can find a like-skilled student, you can exchange hair cutting services.  This is one skill that will serve you well in the future when and if you have children.

One thing you will find these three skills to have in common is that they are all about being self-reliant; in the same idea, if you can fix and tune-up your own bicycle or car, and do your own computer repairs, you will also save money.  However, the three skills listed above and useful for all students, regardless of their mode of transportation or electronic use.

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