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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Motivation: my Health and that of Others

When I lose motivation to stay frugal, I often remind myself that often, being frugal is also better for my health and the health of others.  Don’t believe me? Read on!
Whenever I reach for a piece of fresh fruit or I cook from scratch, I avoid extra fat and salt in my food, as well as a bunch of preservatives in my body.  Whenever I decline a night on the town, I ingest fewer calories and alcohol and often I avoid damage to my eardrums.
When I choose to walk or cycle over calling a cab, I exercise.  When I walk, I meditate on my life, my choices in life, my life goals, and plan in my head my next few steps.  Sometimes I listen to music; sometimes I listen to birds around me.
A simple life also has positive mental health effects: less shopping means less clutter which means a quieter mind.
When I go running outside instead of going to the gym, I get fresh air; I also get a better mental break (studies have shown that time outside helps mental health) and my eyes get the rest from near focus, which all eyes of readers and computer users need.
When I choose volunteering instead of shopping as a hobby, I serve others which makes me feel worthwhile, and prevents depression that so often is triggered by the extra pressures and stresses of undergrad life.  Helping others gives me social contact, not a superficial one, but a deep, caring one.  It also makes me appreciate what I have and keeps me motivated to enjoy my frugal life.
Overall, being frugal lets me stress less because I’m not stretching my budget as much, and I get overall health benefit

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