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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Making Money at Christmas Time

You are most likely looking forward to the winter holiday; planning on seeing friends, hanging out, and maybe spending a bit of time with your family.  Of course all this free time is very tempting, but it is also a great time to make money! 

First of all, many regular employees of stores and restaurants will be celebrating the holidays as well, which means that if you are or were a part-time employee of a retail establishment, the manager is most likely looking for students like you to fill the absence of regular employees; however, training a completely new employee for a few shifts is not worth it so it’s not a great time to apply for a new job.

If you know families with small children, the parents will most likely like to go out at least a few times during the winter break – and will be looking for a babysitter, i.e., you!  Letting a few family friends know that you are available to babysit during the holidays will most likely be your best marketing.  Keep in mind as well that if you make yourself available for New Year’s Eve, this is the most lucrative night of the year for sitters.  You could even organise a sleep-over of little kids at your house to maximize your earnings.  This means that you would miss out on the celebration yourself, but if your friends are in the same situation as you, surely a party on the 1st can make up for the missed celebration.

If your exams are finished a bit before Christmas, you can offer to clean houses for family friends – many of them will be trying to have their homes ready for the 25th and would like help; a good pair of arms is all that is required (good music will make the task less boring!).

And if working is not possible for you, another idea to save money is to cook a few meals, or to ask your parents to teach you to cook a few favorite recipes so you can do it later back at school.  And if mom is the one who cuts your hair for free, now is a great time to get a haircut!
Enjoy a relaxing, working winter break.

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